Eli High Advantages Disadvantages

‘Why should I study alone?’ I ask myself, because I study all by myself. Alternatively, you might wonder, “Am I the only one who studies this much?” Children who attend numerous academies may be more likely to embrace learning without complaint if they observe their peers doing so and ask themselves rhetorical questions like, “Isn’t studying at school enough?” when they only use pads at home. If you’re unhappy, you might not even want to put in the effort to study at home.Also, since there is no competition, progress may be slower than desired or results may be significantly less impressive. You can learn to compete effectively if you have access to similarly talented peers.엘리하이, 메가스터디, 학교공부, 엠베스트, 초등온라인학습 is an online education platform in South Korea that provides personalized learning programs for students. A child may feel isolated and lonely if he believes that his mother is the only one who studies too hard, while a child who does not have an opponent may become carefree and arrogant.It is suggested that you periodically take a test of your current level at a major academy. Seeing how much and how hard other kids are working can be motivating and useful for gauging how well studying at home is going. surprisingly enjoyed it a lot. The math academy sprang to mind, which I didn’t particularly enjoy.

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