Party planning and catering

The naturvila family farmhouse may be found in the rural area of Senasalis, around 30 kilometers from the city of Vilnius.The location and food for a party or reunion of friends, family, or former classmates are two of the most crucial aspects to organize initially. It won’t be hard to find a suitable farm outside of Vilnius, since there are many of them. It will be more difficult to organize food services with the homestead. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough of delicious nibbles, robust and elegantly plated main courses, sweet and savory desserts, and refreshing beverages to go around for the duration of the party. Obviously, you should delegate this responsibility to experts in the industry so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Since opening our restaurant Uupio klasika in Vilnius in 2004, we at Naturvila have been able to hone our skills in providing excellent customer service. We’ve developed a broad variety of services to help you throw a party no one will ever forget.Because of our home’s proximity to Vilnius, we are able to host events for both locals and visitors to the area. With its easy and direct access, the farmhouse may be reached in half an hour from Vilnius’s historic district or in 1.5 hours from Kaunas’s city center.

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