To All the Beauty Junkies

In order to assist professionals make data-driven choices that have a significant impact on their bottom lines, CloverClap’s research and data management team collects and analyzes industry data. CoverClap aids Montreal’s hairstylists and cosmetologists in repositioning themselves and reaching new clients via a strategic collaborative approach. CoverClap may be useful for beauticians in Montreal as a platform, however only certain beauticians are allowed to join. Customer satisfaction is our first priority since we know firsthand how difficult it can be for many Montrealers to find a good hairstylist. So, we check out potential CoverClap stylists to make sure they satisfy our stringent 30 inspection requirements. When a company meets these requirements, we send an inspector to their location. Ultimately, we’re left with just the most qualified Montreal-based beauty specialists who work independently. CoverClap’s network of hairstylists and makeup artists is unparalleled; these professionals come from a wide range of cultural and ethnic origins, but they all have a deep understanding of the subtleties, tools, and procedures required to provide exceptional services to CoverClap’s target clientele. More significantly, our connections with the beauty industry’s finest ensure that our clients always get the highest standard of care. No matter your age, gender, or background, CoverClap is your go-to resource for Montreal’s beauty business. We’re always improving to meet your needs even better.

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